Sometimes you just need that extra pizzazz to get your content across, and eBooks fit the bill perfectly. Tangence can help you convert your content to increase engagement with your audience and ensure that your message truly comes through. We specialize in converting all forms of contents into eBooks – collateral, web pages, presentations, webinars , and more.

Convert content to eBooks and get your message through the clutter


We begin by converting your content into a form fit for eBooks. We can begin with a presentation, collateral, web content, or even webinars.


Our designers will then create the perfect format to present your content as an eBook. We can create special one-off designs for special purpose eBooks, or create templates that can be used multiple times to increase brand consistency.


Finally, we combine the content and designs to create the ideal presentation for your messaging.

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Creative. Reliable. Efficient. Affordable.

Top Talent

Leverage the skills of a dedicated, talented team of experienced data experts and graphic designers

Efficient Execution

Enjoy on-time, every-time execution with a fully-managed process and turnarounds depending on scope

Scalable Delivery

Sit back and relax as we ramp up design production to match your growth—every step of the way

Affordable Pricing

Take advantage of highly skilled designers at competitive prices aligned with your budget

For Enterprises

Reinforce your market position with visual representations of compelling information, data, or knowledge

For Startups

Capture attention and make lasting impressions with memorable, high-impact infographics